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The Cross

Cross Evasion: The Subterfuge of our Modern Christianity

God’s actual visitation, the coming of Himself, and the form that it took, and the way that it was culminated in His crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection has got to be the single greatest epochal event in the whole history of the human race.

David’s Cry for Mercy

The Lord wants to pull out all the stops and touch a subject that has suffered chronic and historic neglect: the Cross, which is central to all that I will be sharing about the crucifixion of Jesus, His death and atonement, and sin and righteousness.

God Crucified

We shall be the victims of such compromise as the intensity of the temptations increase enormously as we come deeper into the end of the age, and increasing to the degree to which we have not really appropriated the Cross of Jesus Christ!

God: The Forgotten Father and Author of His Son’s Passion

In all of the present and increasing controversy over Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion, little or nothing is said about the role of God the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Israel’s God, in the suffering and Crucifixion of Jesus.

Judaism and the Resurrected Life

Any believer who lives presently unto the Lord, and for the Lord, out of the abundance of Life in Christ Jesus, demonstrates to the yet unbelieving Jew [or Gentile], like the Apostle Paul, the millennial mode of life of a future, restored Israel.

Mt. Sinai versus the Cross of Christ

God’s revelation of Himself and the giving of the Law at Sinai was a history-shaping occurrence. However, in our insistence upon confining Him to Sinai, are we not again guilty of limiting the Holy One of Israel? Should our well-meaning defending of His Name and interests be founded solely on this revelation? Why refuse to think of Him other than in images that are convenient or congruent to our life-style? This would be the ultimate idolatry, ironically, in the name of rejecting idolatry!

On Atonement

In view of Leviticus 17:11, ought we not, as Jews, to consider that, “without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin”?

Opposing Views on the Death of Jesus

Are they aware that in the process of denial in dismissing the veracity of the gospels, they are in one fell swoop negating the creed of hundreds of millions who have predicated their faith [its suffering, sacrifice, and martyrdom] on just that basis?

The Heart of David

How significant can be a single episode in the life of a man. It was so for David at the height of Saul’s’ relentless pursuit of his life as recorded in I Samuel 24. It is not only historical, but typical as it represents two antibodies symbolized and summed up in both David and Saul.

The Lord’s Coming in the Clouds

Without in any way questioning the literalness of this eschatological glory, I suspect, as is often the case, that it contains an allegorical and spiritual meaning as well perhaps a necessary principle pertaining to the coming of any revelation of the Lord in fullness: namely, a ‘coming’ or revelation of the Lord that must, somehow of necessity, be preceded or accompanied by ‘clouds.’

The Mystery of the Wisdom of God

Paul is now going to reveal the mystery for which reason all things were created. This mystery has nothing to do with anything that we can recognize as being valid or relevant for the church. It has not even to do with the world or the benefits that men in the world will receive.

The Veil of Self

I have a subtle theme for today.  This will make an ultimate demand of your faith, namely, the faith to believe that the veil that covered the holiest place of all, and which barred every soul from entry except the Aaronic high priest once a year, is now open and available to you.  Can you [...]

Weakness and Foolishness

God delights in choosing the things that are weak and foolish in the eyes of the world to usher in the holy and glorious. He wants to rub this into our consciousness, and that the way of the kingdom is utterly contrary to the way of the world.