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A Man in Whom the Spirit of God is

You will have to choose either what you presently know, in all of its glory, or you will have to choose apostolic splendor-fresh out of the book of Acts—in all of its magnitude, grisly sweat, suffering, blood, vexation, distress, and calamity.

An Apostolic Manifesto

In this late hour, the church needs to consider something that would constitute a plumb line from heaven, something to which we should align ourselves. I believe there is an apostolic distinctive that identifies the true church, and makes of it what has always been its characteristic from the beginning.

Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations

As we enter a decade of enormous challenge, uncertainty and shaking, I am assured that the church stands in great need of prophetic and apostolic foundations with men of that calling giving directive voices. How many of us have recognized that we have come to the end of our charismatic, pentecostal and evangelical tethers? Do we have a sense that there is a further dimension which eclipses all that we have known and had hoped in, but we do not know how to identify, or even find it?

Apostolic Conversion

I believe that the Lord’s heart is on the subject of conversion. I’m very fond of saying, “Many saved, few converted.”

Contemporary Worship: The Malady of the Church

Whatever is self-initiated, however well-meaning the motive, is not of God. He alone is the Creator-King who disposes from the Throne what He wills when He wills.

Paul on the Road to Damascus

The Fountainhead of Paul’s Gospel and the Genius of Apostolic

Preachers of Righteousness

I believe that God wants to make a statement concerning the phenomenon of the preached word, not only for those who are responsible for bringing the word of God, but also for the whole church at large.

The Holy of Holies

Where then does the prophet (or apostle) get his perspective? What is the basis by which he sees? How does he have his sense of things that puts him in such opposition and contradiction to the world?