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A Priesthood Made Ready for the Future

The Melchizedek Priesthood An edited transcript of message # S04-29. We have previously looked at one or two aspects of the Levitical function of the Aaronic priesthood, but I want to begin to look at the expression of the priesthood in the future. There is clearly an Ezekiel temple. In Ezekiel 40 and from there […]

An Answer to Ethnic Identity

A word particularly for the black community (adapted from a letter written to a sister) Our identity in God is an enormously significant subject.  I understand (in measure) the terrible depletion of the Black Man in America and the great need for a self-esteem, dignity and identity in the very area in which he has […]

At the Age of Twelve

At the age of twelve, Jesus is giving us a lesson in the making of a son, and the episode reveals an insight into the definitive principles of sonship that are applicable for sons (and daughters) of God in every generation.

God as Father

I rarely, if ever, call on God the Father.  My prayers are always directly to the Lord Jesus.  Even though Jesus said we should pray to the Father in Jesus’ name, I pray directly to the Lord.  I am more comfortable with the word Lord than I am with the word Father.  Maybe this is […]

God: The Forgotten Father and Author of His Son’s Passion

In all of the present and increasing controversy over Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion, little or nothing is said about the role of God the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Israel’s God, in the suffering and Crucifixion of Jesus.

Psalm 43: A Cry of Distress

Though short, this psalm contains many of the classic elements that are to be found in the whole psalmist hymnody. It is a psalm of lament issuing out of distress, but a kind of psalm that invariably ends with a note of acclamation of God in praise, in recognition, and in celebration.

The Mystery of Zion – Gleanings from Psalm 87

His foundation is in the holy mountains.  The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the other dwelling places of Jacob.  Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of God” (Ps. 87:1-3). If He loves the gates of Zion, what ought our attitude to be?  If we have difficulties in identifying what […]

The Righteousness of God as revealed in the Baptism of Jesus

What are the implications for the church? At the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, the heavens were opened and the voice of the Father was heard, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.” I have always appreciated that episode.  It was a significant event at the very commencement of the […]