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Mt. Sinai versus the Cross of Christ

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God’s revelation of Himself and the giving of the Law at Sinai was a history-shaping occurrence.  However, in our insistence upon confining Him to Sinai, are we not again guilty of limiting the Holy One of Israel?  Should our well-meaning defending of His Name and interests be founded solely on this revelation?  Why refuse to think of Him other than in images that are convenient or congruent to our life-style?  This would be the ultimate idolatry, ironically, in the name of rejecting idolatry!

As Jurgen Moltmann in his book, God Crucified, makes the statement that “True faith [i.e., the knowledge of God as God] begins where the atheist thinks it should end.”  And it ends at the Cross of Christ Jesus, where every religious concept of God is irrevocably smashed, including the making of a god in our own image.  Such is the depth of all human presumption, nowhere brought to such ultimate expression than in ‘religion’!  All this idolatry can be irrevocably destroyed with the one utterance, “My Lord and my God”; thus acknowledging that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father!  For to Him must every knee bend and every tongue confess that Jesus (despicable, cursed, rejected and despised of men) is Lord, crucified, raised, ascended and coming again!  The just (justified) shall live by their faith – not their categories.

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