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# Numerical Index of Audio Teachings

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K-000 What a Jew does with Jesus
Art’s dramatic testimony from an intellectually sophisticated atheist to a believer in Jesus.  A 1970’s message and probably his best testimony speaking (Some background “popping” noise in the first 25 minutes – not too detracting).

K-001 Be Ye Perfect
Art defines being “perfect” before God as the willingness to refrain ourselves from our own humanly-contrived and well-intentioned doing in order to wait on that which can only come down from above.  A 1970’s message.

K-002 New Pattern for Living
Speaking from Israel’s crossing of the Jordan River, Art maintains that there is a “Jordan” to be crossed before God’s people can lay claim to being His people – without which Jericho cannot be “taken”. Previously titled: Future Trends for the Body of Christ. A 1970’s message.

K-003 The Cost of Discipleship
A radically searching commentary on Acts 16 in which Art speaks on the Spirit-led life from episodes in the life of Paul the Apostle.  A 1970’s message.

K-004 Caesar and Christ: A Study of Two Deaths
An evangelistic message that heightens an appreciation for the atonement of Christ in the shedding of His blood. A 1970’s message.

K-005 Confrontation with the Living God
Though confident in their own opinions, many enjoy calling themselves truth-seekers, but a confrontation with the Living God sharply reveals the deep insincerity of the human heart. A 1970’s message.

K-006 Reconciling the Body of Christ
This is an early expression of an enduring theme, pointing towards true communion, true anointing and true breaking as the path toward true reconciliation. A 1970’s message.

K-007 The ‘End-Time’ Man of God
As with Elijah, we can expect that God will thrust His servants into a world that is plunging deeper into tragedy, suffering, and crisis. A 1970’s message.

K-008 Intimate Union
A probing study of the mystery of marriage, the Body of Christ and our relationship with God Himself. A 1970’s message.

K-009 But He Refused
A glimpse of the workings of God in the life of Joseph. Message ends abruptly (only first side recorded). A 1970’s message.

K-010 The Anatomy of Adultery
Art maintains that the evil of adultery pertains as much to adulterers as it does to adulteration: the admixture or watering down of things that are holy.  We are not just corrupted but become corruptors.  A 1970’s message.

K-011 The Fire of God’s Judgment
A powerful cry of God to sound the trumpet call of repentance in the light of His soon coming judgment with a fire that cannot be quenched. A 1970’s message (some “clicking” background noise in first half of message).

K-012 To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?
Art maintains there are only two basic heart dispositions in the world. One is repulsed by Jesus, reluctant to give submission to anyone. The other longs for the salvation of God, and it is to this latter that the Lord reveals Himself.  A sober address appropriate to all earnest inquirers after God. A 1970’s message.

K-013 The Holy Ark of God
The Shekinah ’74 message given in New York City.  Art shows that the Ark of God has to do with the glory of God in the mystery of God. To the Ark is ascribed all the prerogatives and power of God, and therefore the final destination of the Ark is the destiny of God’s people as well. A 1974 message.

K-014 Christ in the Jewish Passover
A rich study and explanation of the traditional Jewish Passover revealing Christ hidden in the many practices known to Orthodox Jews throughout the ages.

K-015 Jerusalem Conference Address
A word on the ministry of Elijah which must precede the return of the Lord.

K-016 The Two Judaisms
Answers questions about the validity of Judaism as a paradigm of all religion.

K-017 Daughters of Sarah
Art probes the heart of the meaning of the word woman and her special calling in God in an age of feminine assertiveness.

K-018 The Spirit of the Lord (1 of 2)
K-018 The Spirit of the Lord (2 of 2)
The centrality of the Holy Spirit in the end-time ministries of God.

K-019 The Shaping of Godly Character
The ultimate purposes of God with man.

K-020 The Inadequacy of Ethics
The failure of principles and rules

K-021 Paul: The New Covenant Man
A model of the end-time believer, complete in God, prepared for any contingency.

K-022 Ministry in Truth
A word to encourage true, priestly ministry.

K-023 The Mystery of the German and the Jew
The history and destiny of these two great nations are forever interwoven together. (See also K-036 & K-136).

K-024 The Reality of the Christmas Story
The manger needs to be rescued from department store windows and returned to its rightful place as the picture of a humble and receptive heart.

K-025 The Spirit of Truth I
Every believer is called to far more than correct doctrine. Inspired and adapted into the book of the same title.

K-026 I Love the Lord…but…
A challenging, confronting message for those whose hearts are becoming slack.

K-027 The Fear of Man
Fearing men more than God is a plague affecting God’s people. A marvelously freeing word for those who are bound.

K-028 True Ministry
A profound corrective for shallow ministerial ambitions.

K-029 Resurrection
Lazarus’ resurrection is the topic of this life-giving word providing an alternative to impetuous shortcuts that refuse to wait.

K-031 God Crucified
The Cross stabbingly set forth before men as the pivot of all reality.

K-032 Bridal Love
Restoring “Thou shalt love” to its rightful place as the great and all-encompassing commandment.

K-033 Extravagant Love
A message revealing the extravagance, the absoluteness and the utterness of divine love.

K-034 The Whitewashed Wall
A warning against the use of untempered mortar in walls that will fall except we ruthlessly proceed from the phraseological to the real in our actual experience.

K-035 Priests Unto Him
Able to radically distinguish between the holy and the profane, it is the priest whose ministry can call down the fire of heaven and restore God’s glory to His Church.

K-036 The Holocaust and Christian Conscience
This message relates the Holocaust to the historical rejection of God. A vital and challenging message for the Jewish people as well as the Church.

K-037 He that Comes in the Name of the Lord
A profound statement of the true humility that God’s people are called to as illustrated in our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

K-038 The Potter
This message portrays with inescapable clarity that process by which alone God can form the clay of our humanity into true royalty.

K-040 To God be Glory in the Church
If God’s people will not be radically sacred, the world will be radically profane.

K-041 Man’s Petty Kingdoms vs. God’s Kingdom
A powerful and pointed challenge to a movement at a crossroads of choice.

K-042 True Manhood
From Joshua 5­ on what it means to live free from the stereotypes of the world in an age of identity crisis.

K-044 Conversion of Paul
This message presents the conversion of as the pattern for any true union with God.

K-045 Streams of Life
From Ezekiel 47 Only in the center of the river of life, where the depth precludes standing on one’s own feet and the current is stronger than our will, is the water pure and undefiled.

K-046 True Fellowship
A foundational message on the genius of the Church as Church.

K-048 One Thing You Lack
Based on Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler, Art focuses in on that one thing that prevents true devotion to God – even when we think we have given our all!

K-049 Weakness
A look at Christian life from the perspective of our necessary weakness and inability.

K-051 Anatomy of a Shout
Where are the walls that presently stand in your life that have not yet come down before God?

K-053 Come up and Be There!
A look at a crucial but chronically overlooked aspect of Moses’ time on the mount alone with God.

K-058 Restoring the Tabernacle of David
A devastating challenge to the unquestioned suppositions of the “Restoration” movements that usurp Israel’s theocratic calling and glory.

K-059 Decade of the Nineties
A prophetic must! Compels the hearer to a whole radical re-assessment of one’s present faith and walk. Tape K-059 is a single tape with a compressed message, while tapes K-060 through K-062 are a fuller amplification.

K-060 Decade of the Nineties (1 of 3)
K-061 Decade of the Nineties (2 of 3)
K-062 Decade of the Nineties (3 of 3)
A prophetic must! Compels the hearer to a whole radical re-assessment of one’s present faith and walk. Tape K-059 is a single tape with a compressed message, while tapes K-060 through K-062 are a fuller amplification.

K-064 Martyrdom
An especially poignant, searching examination of a great theme of the Church that is the very issue of the church as the Church of the end time!

K-065 The Suffering before the Glory
For those who want to sink their teeth into the mystery of Israel, this tape touches the key issue of the necessary death of Israel before she can enter her glory.

K-066 Community and Life Together (1 of 4)
K-066 Community and Life Together (2 of 4)
K-066 Community and Life Together (3 of 4)
K-066 Community and Life Together (4 of 4)
An anecdotal account of community life as viewed from God’s purposes for it.

K-067 The Holocaust (1 of 4)
K-067 The Holocaust (2 of 4)
K-067 The Holocaust (3 of 4)
K-067 The Holocaust (4 of 4)
In this examination of that ultimate tragedy, the issue of God as God is brought courageously to the forefront of our modern consideration.

K-069 The Wilderness Call
An excellent introduction and explanation of the preparation and reason for providing refuge to Jews in flight in the Last Days.

K-070 The Prophetic Call and Task
A detailed and anecdotal statement on the subject of true and false prophets.

K-071 Apostolic Proclamation (1 of 2)
K-071 Apostolic Proclamation (2 of 2)
If we are called to be anything, it is to be the bearers of God’s word.

K-072 Judgment (1 of 2)
K-072 Judgment (2 of 2)
At the heart of the knowledge of God is the knowledge of a God who judges.

K-073 – Apostolic Foundations (1 of 12)
K-074 – Apostolic Foundations (2 of 12)
K-075 – Apostolic Foundations (3 of 12)
K-076 – Apostolic Foundations (4 of 12)
K-077 – Apostolic Foundations (5 of 12)
K-078 – Apostolic Foundations (6 of 12)
K-079 – Apostolic Foundations (7 of 12)
K-080 – Apostolic Foundations (8 of 12)
K-081 – Apostolic Foundations (9 of 12)
K-082 – Apostolic Foundations (10 of 12)
K-083 – Apostolic Foundations (11 of 12)
K-084 – Apostolic Foundations (12 of 12)
The church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets (Eph. 2:20), and Art seeks to identify the distinctive genius and character of this holy foundation.

K-085 The Antiochal Church
The paradigm of apostolicity! An exploration of Acts 13 as the prototype of the church that “sends.”

K-086 The Mystery of Israel and the Church
Central to the true comprehension of the Church of itself only as it understands and consciously and willfully receives its mandate toward Israel.

K-087 From Grave to Resurrection
The necessary death and resurrection of Israel as well as the necessity of our own.

K-091 The Eternal Purpose of the Church
Restores eternity at last to its place in the consciousness of the Church. Essential!

K-092 Ezekiel 37
A shocking key of interpretation and understanding for present Israel.

K-093 The Presence of the Future (1 of 2)
K-094 The Presence of the Future (2 of 2)
A church without a view of its end has no significant present.

K-095 Ascending Zion
If the salvation of Israel is to come out of Zion (Psalms), then what this Zion is in the mystery of God, and what it represents, is of utmost importance for a church that is called to fulfill His mysteries.

K-096 Israel in Flight
A commentary on Amos chapter 9 that suggests a soon coming flight of world Jewry through all nations in the necessary dealing of God to bring His ancient people back to Himself and into their Millennial glory.

K-097 Eunuch for Christ (1 of 2)
K-098 Eunuch for Christ (2 of 2)
Another powerful classic message probing and calling us to the meaning of having the axe laid to the root of our life.

K-099 The Coming Crisis
A message spoken in New York, the very heart of Jewish life, that forewarns of coming devastation for the Jews of that city.

K-115 Praying the Peace of Jerusalem (1 of 2)
K-116 Praying the Peace of Jerusalem (2 of 2)
If prayer is the ultimate statement of where we are in God, then this message will challenge the very cores and truth of our condition in God.

K-117 Jacob becomes Israel (1 of 3)
K-118 Jacob becomes Israel (2 of 3)
K-119 Jacob becomes Israel (3 of 3)
A deeply instructive insight into the renaming of Jacob by God and what it means to be of the Israel of God.

K-120 Mark of a True Prophet
If the church is not a prophetic church, it is not the church at all.

K-121 Jeremiah, The Persecuted Prophet
Art examines the root of the offense that evoked persecution against Jeremiah, because we can likely expect it again as the church of the Last Days.

K-122 Prophetic Reality versus Fantasy
Art shows that the false prophets were themselves deceived about their knowledge of God. Then, as now, nothing has changed.

K-123 and K-124 Jeremiah – Prophet of the Last Days
A challenging mandate, especially for black believers of the Last Days.

K-125 The Prophetic Word
With the general debasing of language and the preached word in particular, Art examines the meaning of the preached word as an ‘event’ that actually effects something in the purposes of God.

K-126 The Origin of True Preaching
How do we know whether the preached word has its origin in God? A brief commentary from Jeremiah 23 reveals where in fact this word must come from.

K-127 and K-128 The Theocratic Kingdom
With all the emphasis on ‘revival’ presently occurring, Art examines what true revival should lead to, namely, a mode of apostolic understanding that identifies with and embraces the imminent coming Kingdom.

K-129 and K-130 The Knowledge of God
The true knowledge of God is everything, and God is known primarily in His covenant relationship to Israel and His acts toward her.

K-131 The Mystery of Israel
(A 1999 convocation tape)
Art probes the perplexity of the mystery of Israel given in Romans 11 and Psalm 102.

K-132 Israel – God’s Prodigal Son
The events surrounding God’s final dealing with Israel have a remarkable correlation with Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son.

K-133 The Compassion of God
The issue of mercy, not as an exertion of the moment, but what we are through and through is the thing that God is after in the Church.

K-134 Gleanings from Ps. 37 (1 of 2)
K-135 Gleanings from Ps. 37 (2 of 2)
A commentary on this psalm that strikes deeply at a perception of reality unique to God.

K-136 True Repentance
A classic message spoken in Nuremburg, Germany on the heels of attending a conference held in Berlin that had as its theme, “Prayer for Israel.”

K-137 Interview – The Holocaust and the Jew
A key tape to pass on to unbelieving Jews and anyone involved in Jewish evangelism.

K-138 What is a ‘good work?’
The end-time work that glorifies God is that which issues out of the rest of God.

K-139 End-Time Overview
An excellent one-message overview that touches many of the great themes of the faith and that culminates in the Lord’s return and establishment of His Kingdom through a restored Israel.

K-140 The Real or the Plastic?
Devastated by what took place while visiting a ‘Jesus Rally,’ Art opens up and lays bare the issue of authentic repentance.

K-141 The Remnant People of God
In the final analysis, God is mainly interested in a remnant people who stand for the whole, both for the predominantly Gentile church and Israel.

K-142 Beyond Messianic Judaism
Spoken at a Messianic congregation, Art presents a view of the faith that eclipses what is labeled “Messianic,” namely, an apostolic faith.

K-143 Commanded of God
A message on Ezekiel 37, but with a different emphasis than tape # K-092.

K-144 A Magna Carta of Apostolic Faith
A seldom heard perspective on the rightful place of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the context and atmosphere in which they are given.

K-145 Eternal Rule and Rewards
A review of faith in the context of the things that are eternal and that have to do with the little-known subject of rewards and ruling and reigning in the Kingdom.

K-146 Holiness or “Blessing”
A cautionary word for the Church regarding its fascination with the present “revival” phenomena.

K-147 Isaiah 53
Though clearly Messianic in its prophetic significance, the context of this passage reveals yet another valid interpretation, namely, the nation Israel in a future fulfillment as the “suffering, servant nation.”

K-148 The Significance of Israel’s Restoration
An insight into God’s strategy with regards to His final and soon-coming dealing with Israel before He judges the nations. Devastates the whole false “rapture” theory.

K-149 Isaiah 35
A close and careful examination of Israel’s deliverance and salvation in the mystery of God at the end of this age.

K-150 God is Other!
Examines mankind’s failure to recognize in the crucifixion of God the very demonstration of His essential character, namely, His humility. A must for those who might be contemplating ministry.

K-151 The God who Devastates
If Divine reality is to come into the church in its present unreal condition, then we need to expect devastations in our midst of the deepest and challenging kind. The text is from the suffering of Job.

K-152 The Radical Controversy
The scandal of the gospel is revealed no more abruptly than in our witness to the Jew.

K-153 The Context of the Coming Kingdom
We either have an urgent expectancy of a coming, literal Kingdom on earth or we are in one way or another establishing our own little kingdom.

K-154 This Kind Cometh Not Out…
From Mark chapter 9, an instructive parable of the Last Days. Reveals the critical factor in Israel’s own deliverance.

K-155 Sons and Daughters of God
It is only sons and daughters who are qualified to fulfill the Last Day’s purposes of God. Only they have a single-eyed devotion to the will of the Father.

K-156 And They Crucified Him
In the final analysis, unless we know ‘Christ and Him crucified,’ our knowledge of God will be false. Probably Art’s most powerful speaking on the subject of the Cross.

K-157 Gleanings from Psalm 87
Only a love for the things that God loves will save us from other interests and purposes – even those of a spiritual kind.

K-158 The Law and the Commandments
We have not understood the absoluteness of the moral requirements of God.

K-159 Apostolic Commission
There is a pattern here of true sending and therefore true ministry that we need constantly to be reminded of.

K-160 All that is in the World
Speaking from an episode in the life of Abraham, Art challenges believers to a ruthless separation from a world that is at enmity with God in every point and particular – even in those things that appear outwardly good.

K-161 True and False Prophets (1 of 2)
K-162 True and False Prophets (2 of 2)
Art attempts to define the characteristic differences between the false and the true – especially in the light of the recent ‘popularity’ of this calling.

K-163 The Anatomy of Worship
True sacrifice is only found in a worshipful heart that recognizes and acknowledges God as God, as He essentially is.

K-164 Israel and Water Baptism
The deliverance of Israel in the Last Days waits on a people who have appropriated the Cross in its true meaning – at the waters of Baptism.

K-165 What if….?
Art raises the questions that few are courageous enough to ask, namely, the actual truth of our condition before God.

K-166 Israel, the “Servant – Son”
Israel is called to be like its Messiah and Lord before it – a nation of priests and a light unto the world.

K-167 Israel, the Death of a Nation
Present-day Israel is not scheduled to succeed, but to die. It is not a pleasant scenario, but the end thereof is glory.

K-168 “To the Jew First…”
The church is emaciated and corrupted in exact proportion as it has failed to take to heart God’s foremost mandate for herself, namely, that “the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe, to the Jew first…”

K-169 Gleanings from Psalm 27
This psalm is an ultimate statement of faith and confidence in God, even and especially in adverse and hopeless circumstances. Touches and identifies the place of true praise.

K-170 “That they may be One…”
When we come to the same quality and character of relationship as is shown forth in the Godhead, then we will have obtained the unity of the Body.

K-171 Sound Doctrine vs “Spiritualizing”
Art challenges the error of a whole movement that had elevated the spiritualization of scripture over and above the apostolic tradition of sound biblical doctrine.

K-172 The Church as a Prophetic Presence
Elijah the prophet typifies and sums up the prophetic call in every generation, and is therefore a picture of the prophetic church in the Last Days.

K-173 Love your Enemies
To have enemies goes without saying, but our relationship to our enemies is probably going to be the most formidable aspect of the Last Days’ reality of believers.

K-174 “In the Beginning God created…”
Beginnings are always significant in the economy of God and no more so than in His creative acts.

K-175 There were Two Trees in the Garden (1 of 2)
K-176 There were Two Trees in the Garden (2 of 2)
If the Tree of Life was as equally accessible to Adam and Eve, why did they scorn and reject that tree, and prefer instead to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

K-177 Gleanings from the Garden (1 of 2)
K-178 Gleanings from the Garden (2 of 2)
What we celebrate as being good may well be our greatest snare. We have got to have an unswerving devotion to the Tree of Life and abstain at all costs to draw from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

K-179 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (1 of 3)
K-180 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (2 of 3)
K-181 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (3 of 3)
The righteous are those who have chosen to make themselves defenseless and weak, and choose rather to cast themselves on God.

K-182 Revelation 21: “The City of God”
The union of heaven and earth creating one new entity of an enduring kind.

K-183 Grace and the Election of Israel (1 of 3)
K-184 Grace and the Election of Israel (2 of 3)
K-185 Grace and the Election of Israel (3 of 3)
A probing study of the Mystery of Israel.

K -186 “Timeless Interview”
Something of the sense of God as God is conveyed – not what we may have thought Him to be.

K – 187 The Mysteries of the Faith
A brief examination of some of the mysteries of the faith from the book of Ephesians.

K – 188 The Scandal of Specificity
A God who chooses is central to an understanding of the faith. Another incisive expression of God’s choice of Israel with an excellent ‘questions and answers’ session at the end.

K – 189 Phinehas – Priest of Obedience
The decline of obedience to the moral laws of God in society and in the church will ultimately bring upon themselves the redemptive judgments of God.

K – 190 Widows and Slaves indeed!
Art addresses the little understood subject of what constitutes a true widow and the place of slavery in Paul’s time, as applicable now as it was then.

K – 191 Human, all too Human!
Are we giving evidence of a transcendent life to all who observe us? Gleanings from Psalm 14.

K – 192 Grafted into Israel’s Root
Art exhorts us to a fuller and truer appreciation of what will be required of the church in the days to come.

K – 193 The Eternal Gospel
Art examines the framework and original intention of the gospel, much of which has been lost, and needs therefore to be restored.

K – 194 The Making of an Apostle
An insight into the apostle Paul’s life as is recorded in the first chapter of Galatians.

K – 195 The Formation of an Apostle
An episode out of the life of Moses that would give him the ability to lead Israel through the wilderness, namely, the ability to communicate God as God.

K – 196 Rome or Zion?
A message spoken at a predominantly Catholic charismatic conference, and was a call to a reality beyond the Church’s own self-absorption and into the purpose and context of God in the Last Days.

K-197 The Anatomy of Sin (1 of 2)
K-198 The Anatomy of Sin (2 of 2)
It is pointless to talk about the Last Days, prophecy, Israel, etc unless we have made peace in our hearts with the issues of sin and judgment.

K-199 The Battle for Life (1 of 2)
K-200 The Battle for Life (2 of 2)
The An in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of anointing as the communication and imparting of the life of God.

K-201 Jewish Opposition to the Gospel
Art touches some of the deep-seated reasons for this, and therefore the challenge that is presented before the church.

K-202 The Lord’s Coming in the Clouds
The true seeing of God in His glory, which is the only true way of seeing Him, must always require a coming in the clouds.

K-203 Abrahamic Faith (1 of 2)
K-204 Abrahamic Faith (2 of 2)
An in-depth study from Genesis 15 of Abraham’s faith that had its birthing in a vision.

K-205 An Apostolic Manifesto
A one-message statement on the distinctive aspects of an apostolic church, given at the first, and in process of being restored by God.

K-206 Prudence: the Discipline of Godly Speech
We will know when we are speaking prudently when peace is its fruit.

K-207 From Self to Spirit
The human condition is intrinsically rooted in egocentric living.

K-208 “I would not have you ignorant…”
God has an antidote that will save the church from its ambitions, designs and programs. Another unique and powerful expression of the mystery of Israel, central to Paul’s faith, but absent from ours.

K-209 Christus Victor!
Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, and it was what was demonstrated at the Cross that is His triumph over the whole demonic realm.

K-210 The Origin of the Nations (2001 school)
The nations are not a geographical accident, but distinctively given in the creative work of God.

K-211 The Tower of Babel
The building of the Tower of Babel is man coming together to exalt themselves over God and establishing their own identity independent of Him.

K-212 God’s Redemption of the Nations
Art gives us a framework of understanding for God’s final intention for the nations in the purposes of God.

K-213 The Church, Israel and the Powers
A statement that unmasks the enmity of the world against God, but it is disguised so well that even the church is dulled to the depths of this hatred.

K-214 The Conflict of Two Wisdoms (1 of 2)
K-215 The Conflict of Two Wisdoms (2 of 2)
There are only two essential mind-sets or value systems in the world – God’s and that displayed by the powers of the air.

K-216 Jewish vs. Hebraic
There is a vast difference between being Jewish and being Hebraic, nor do we necessarily have to be Jewish to be Hebraic.

K-217 On Reading the Scriptures
God has put before us the supreme privilege of a vicarious identification with the subject of the scriptures.

K-218 Has Jesus made you Jewish?
If we miss the “Jewishness” of Jesus, we miss something crucial in our understanding of God and our testimony to both the Jew and the Gentile.

K-219 The Kingdom vs. Patriotism
The Kingdom of God or the kingdoms of this world – to which does the believer owe his highest allegiance?

K-220 The Apostolic Church
Another concentrated statement that examines the constitutive elements of the church as it was at the first.

K-221 True Foundations
Art defines the essential hallmarks of how to discern the true foundation from the false.

K-222 Birthing the Authentic
The birth of Jesus is the ultimate pattern of the advent of the authentic thing and it behooves us, therefore to understand the phenomenon of birth in all of its organic and painful suffering.

K-223 Making the Part Stand for the Whole
When we regard the church as the thing in itself apart from Israel, that is, by disregarding the centrality of Israel in God’s purposes, we are “making the part stand for the whole.”

K-224 “Come up unto Me and be there!”
The expediency of man vs. the extravagance of God.

K-225 Turning Aside to See
Are we disposed to ask why “the bush is burning yet is not consumed?”

K-226 The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
Drawing on the prophetic scriptures, Art brings to the church a framework of understanding of what it will take for present-day Jacob to become the Israel of God.

K-227 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (1 of 3)
K-228 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (2 of 3)
K-229 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (3 of 3)
The Lord is contained in the heavens until the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophets. There is a certain ‘set-time’ for which He is waiting, and Art examines what those requirements are.

K-230 The Love of God
A brief study of the love of God as was revealed in the life of Jesus as well as the lives of the apostles – by the same Spirit.

K-231 The Failure of the Church in Japan
A probing insight into idolatry – both in the church and in the world, especially as revealed in Japan’s recent history.

K-232 Daniel: Prophet in Babylon
An insight from an episode in the life of Daniel as a prefiguring of the church’s endtime task as a prophetic presence at the end of this age.

K-233 9-11 Tragedy
Art tries to answer some of the issues and questions raised by the Sept. 11th, 2001 national tragedy.

K-234 The Cosmic Setting
The faith is set in the context of a cosmic perspective, presently so lacking in the understanding of contemporary church life.

K-235 Beyond Culture
A radio interview message, especially directed to Native Americans, in which Art sets forth a reality, call and purpose beyond their own cultural identification.

K-236 The Sorrows of Indulgence
Speaking from Proverbs, Art warns of the dangers of giving ourselves to the things that are seductive, attractive and engaging.

K-238 Preaching – A Sacred Responsibility (1 of 2)
K-239 Preaching – A Sacred Responsibility (2 of 2)
How much is our spoken message the deepest statement of our innermost convictions?

K-240 Peace be unto you!
A message from John 20: 19-31 for a fearful and unbelieving Christianity that does not understand the phenomenon of resurrection.

K-241 The Davidic Character of the Kingdom
Israel is intended for the recovery of all nations in the Divine order of God.

K-242 Paganism – The Cancer of the Church
Paganism is a growing threat in the very Church itself, and if it is not presently with us, we need to watch out for it, or we will find ourselves unwittingly embracing it.

K-243 An Israelite in Whom is No Guile
Examining the incident of Jesus’ meeting with Nathaniel, Art describes the character required for fitting us to see “angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”

K-244 The Invisible Cloud of Witnesses
Whether we are aware of it or not, do we see ourselves as one with, and connected to, the saints of bygone years – through our Head who is also theirs?

K-245 Love Expressed
An insight into the nature of God’s love as was expressed by Jesus toward the rich young ruler in Mark 10. Calculated to shatter our inadequate categories.

K-246 God’s Pattern of Restoration
From Psalm 126, Art gives a pattern of restoration both for Israel and for the Church, in the timing of God, both in suddenness and unexpectedness.

K-247 Sowing and Reaping
An indictment against the showy brashness that so characterizes ministry from the pulpit.

K-248 Attaining to Sonship
Though God has many children, He has few “sons” in the Hebraic understanding of that word. And He waits for a certain consecration for that crisis “crossing over” before He can say over us, “This day, I have begotten thee.”

K-249 What is Apostolic?
Another superb expression of a limitless theme in which Art seeks to identify some of the key aspects of this most holy word.

K-250 What is Prophetic? (1 of 2)
K-251 What is Prophetic? (2 of 2)
A freshly inspired message of the genius of this calling from episodes in the life of Moses. Highly recommended in its clarity and anointing.

K-252 The Rich Young Ruler and the Blind Beggar
Art examines the contrast of these two individuals in their ability to recognize Jesus. The blind see and the rich go empty away. Art brings the significance of this episode into an endtimes scenario. Definitely an all-time epochal message.

K-253 Latent Anti-Semitism (1 of 2)
K-254 Latent Anti-Semitism (2 of 2)
Art is persuaded that there is a latent anti-Semitism in all Gentiles, even believers, even though we may not be conscious of it.

K-255 A Bride Adorned for the Bridegroom
Being the Bride of Christ has everything to do with one’s identification with the One who is “acquainted with sorrows,” and it is through being joined with Him in the fellowship of His sufferings that we are fitted for our bridal role.

K-256 From Water to Wine (1 of 2)
K-257 From Water to Wine (2 of 2)
Art probes the enigma of the addition of water that was able to transform the whole substance for the ultimate glory of God.

K-258 The Tent of Shem
God has appointed a tent as being symbolic of the ultimate union He calls us to. It is only our own unbelief and prejudice that resists and does not ‘bow’ to this glorious condition of relationship.

K-259 God of the Nations (1 of 2)
K-260 God of the Nations (2 of 2)
Art gives an overview of God’s purpose for the nations, the centrality of Israel as God’s provision for the nations, and a Church that can rule and reign with Christ from the heavenlies.

K-261 Amos 9
Art ponders the predicament of what it takes to bring man, whether it be a nation or an individual, to the end of himself in all of his humanistic tendencies.

K-262 Going Up To Zion
An examination of the Hebraic distinctive of the faith of Israel, lost to Jews presently, but soon to be restored at the end of the age that they may bless all the nations.

K-263 Beyond Categories
How far will we allow God draw us out into a place where the ultimate revelation of Himself and His truth is? If we cling to our “biblical correctness,” and the security of it, we will always fall short of that place of glory. A 2002 message.

K-264 The Place of Seeing
There is a place that God invites us to come, the holiest place of all, where God is, and it is out of that place that true, priestly service is made. A 2002 message.

K-265 A River of Life
Art insists that the waters of life flowing from the Throne are available here and now for those who are yielded to that Throne and to that Lordship. A 2002 message.

K-266 The Cana Miracle
An instructive insight of Jesus’ first miracle, a foreshadowing and type of a final wedding at the end of the age.

K-267 Israel in the Prophets
Another probing examination from the O.T. Prophets on the subject of Israel’s destiny. Includes an insightful interpretation of Isaiah 52 and 53.  A 2000’s message.

K-268 The Gentile and the Jew
We don’t know as we ought the depth of antagonism that exists between Gentile and Jew. Art seeks to show what God’s final and enduring pattern for these two entities is. A 2000’s message.

K-269 True Followers of Christ
From the episode of the rich young ruler and Bartimeous, Art examines the elements that compose true discipleship, as shown in the response of these two men to Jesus. A 2000’s message.

K-270 The Fullness of the Gentiles
Much that is lacking in the Church can be attributed to the failure to understand or apprehend the mystery of Israel. A 2000’s message.

K-271 Out of Zion
Art explores the meaning of Zion, this mystery word, out of which Israel’s salvation shall come. A 2000’s message.

K-272 Worship unto Him
A cautionary key word to the contemporary Christian church on its use of instrumentation, amplifiers, and techniques to effect an atmosphere that is assumed to be the Presence of God. A 2000’s message.

K-273 God Enthroned
The enthronement of God in all we do is at the heart of the faith. A 2000’s message.

K-274 Honor Your Father (1 of 2)
K-275 Honor Your Father (2 of 2)
An episode, affecting all subsequent generations, in the life of Noah and his three sons that exemplifies the principle of blessing or curse in the honoring of one’s father. A 2003 message.

K-276 Costly Submission
How we relate to any form of authority is the greatest opportunity to demonstrate the grace and knowledge of God, and is the very sanctifying provision of God itself. A 2003 message.

K-277 The Sheep vs. the Goats
How we relate in covering the shameful, especially the despised Jew in the Last Days, is the principal separating determination of the Lord when He comes as Judge. A 2003 message.

K-278 The Church and the Synagogue (1 of 4)
K-279 The Church and the Synagogue (2 of 4)
K-280 The Church and the Synagogue (3 of 4)
K-281 The Church and the Synagogue (4 of 4)
A thought-provoking examination of Paul’s exhortation to Gentile believers in Rome with regard to their relationship to the Synagogue. A 2003 message.

K-282 The Mystery of the Gentile Church
Another expression of this profound mystery. A 2000’s message.

K-283 The Church Eternal
The Church is not a new phenomenon, but a continuation of what was given from the beginning in its full Hebraic content. A 1990’s message.

K-284 The Anatomy of Cross Evasion
A call for a return to the Cross, the most epochal event in the whole of history, and indeed, the heart of the faith itself.  A 1996 message.

K-285 The Eternal Now
If the present ‘now’ is not rightly esteemed and we defer to some later time, we will suffer proportionate unreality.  An early 2000’s message

K-286 The Rejection of God
The very heart of sin is the rejection of God and the glory of God, especially in the form that God chose to reveal Himself in the advent, crucifixion and death of His Son.  An early 2000’s message.

K-287 Gleanings from Psalm 24
A description of those who truly seek the Lord for His sake. A challenge to the casual, self-satisfied Christian. A 2005 message.

K-288 The Life and the Law
Art explores the basis for our relationship with God: regulations and requiring laws, or, in the light God’s mercy, to prove what the perfect, acceptable will of God is in any given moment. A 2005 message.

K-289 The Plight of the Jew
In the light of growing anti-Semitism, Art sounds an alert to the Church to make her aware of the gravity of what is taking place presently in the world toward the Jew. A 2004 message.

K-290 An Instruction in Discernment
A statement on the natural self that, in the last analysis, will be found to militate against God and His way. A 2004 message.

K-291 Rom. 9 – 11: The Mystery of Israel
A theme central to all Paul’s apostolic teaching especially insofar as it pertains to the issue of the glory of God forever. A 2004 speaking.

K-292 The Sense of God
Does our speaking and preaching convey the majesty, sense and awe of God? A call to something more than “correctness” in our Christian faith.  A 2004 message.

K-293 The Church and the Jew
A message spoken in Bad Nauheim, Germany (with translation) at a strategic conference on Jewish Evangelism.

K-294 The Mercy of God in Repentance
Art maintains that the overwhelming number of believers have a much more phraseological Christianity than they know, rather than an experiential union with God. A foundational word on true repentance given in 2004.

K-295 The Core of Prophetic and Apostolic Reality
Another expression of this theme that tries to capture the heart and meaning of those two great biblical words and their corresponding reality. A 2005 message.

K-296 The Schiavo Case – A Conflict of Life
A resurrection message in which Art sets forth the unique difference between the resurrection life of God in comparison with the human, natural, and religious (and lesser) equivalent.  A 2005 message.

K-297 Strange Fire 1
From Leviticus chapter 10 and the episode of Aaron’s two sons, Art shows how rash, impetuous and self-initiating works done in the service of God may well be a type of “false fire” – reducing the sense of God, the fear of Him, and His holiness.  A 2005 message.

K-298 Strange Fire II
Similar to K-297, and continuing with the theme, Art seeks to identify why it is we tend toward initiating our own service for God.  A 2006 message.

K-299 Israel’s Calvary Road and the Role of the Church
Art insists that God’s wisdom is based on a necessary suffering and humiliation that precedes the glory and exaltation of the nation Israel. Art’s last and one of his most profound speakings on the subject of Israel and the Church. A 2006 message.

K-300 Israel in Ezekiel 37
Spoken in Israel, Art puts before Israeli believers a prophetic interpretation of the classic text from Ezekiel 37 on the necessary death and resurrection of Israel.  A 2004 message.

K-301 The Holocaust as Judgment (1 of 3)
Art maintains that God reveals Himself in His judgments, and offers a suggestion for an interpretation of Jewish catastrophe as a witness to Jews prior to and including a final time of calamity destined for that people.  A 1996 message.

K-302 The Holocaust as Judgment (2 of 3)
An overview of the covenant relationship that God entered into with Israel at Mt. Sinai. Art points out that the covenant obligations are still binding: obedience bringing blessing and life, and disobedience bringing curse and judgment. A 1996 message.

K-303 The Holocaust as Judgment (3 of 3)
Speaking from Isaiah 35, Art paints a scenario of Jews in flight “through the wilderness of the nations” in a yet future time of distress in order to bring that nation back to Himself and to the Land.  A 1996 message.

K-304 The Valley of Dry Bones
Another unique expression of the Ezekiel 37 message in which Art makes the point that the “son of man” described in this passage needs to be seen as the church of the last days brought to a fullness of stature and able to speak life to the dry bones of the house of Israel. A 2005 message.

K-305 The Knowledge of the Holy
Art urges us not to be satisfied with our present knowledge of God, especially if our sense of God does not evoke in us an awe, reverence, devotion and adoration toward Him. A 2006 message.

K-306 The Believer’s Relationship to the Law
An examination of why any attempt by man in his own effort to bring righteousness into his life is a contradiction of what Jesus died for, thus nullifying the grace of God.  Message has a communion prayer in the middle.  A 2007 message.

K-307 The Fullness of the Gentiles (1 of 2)
An overview of the drama of the Last Days that waits upon the fullness of the Gentiles coming in – so that all Israel might be saved, just as it is written. A 2005 message.

K-308 The Fullness of the Gentiles (2 of 2)
Art expounds further on what that fullness is in relation to this entity called Zion from which Israel’s deliverance shall come. A 2005 message.

K-309 Seek not the Approval of Men
Speaking from John 5, Art makes the point that if there is an iota in us of the desire to receive honor from men, we negate the truth and reality of our witness, our integrity, our word. A 2005 message.

K-310 The Cross and the Eunuch (1 of 2)
A particularly powerful message from 1979 on the Cross in which Art cuts through the false ideas we might have about the meaning of “death to self.” Like the eunuch, we will know when we have come to the cross in truth because it will stop the ongoing vitality and flow of our natural life.

K-311 The Cross and the Eunuch (2 of 2)
Part 2 of k-310.

K-312 Israel and the Church in Psalm 102
Speaking from Psalm 102, Art examines what it means to show compassion for Israel’s fallen and destitute condition that God will bring that nation to. Another expression from the inexhaustible theme of Israel and the Church in the Last Days. A 2004 message.

K-313 Shem and Japheth
Speaking from Genesis 9, Art alerts the church to demonstrate to Israel that very thing to which Israel herself is called in the purposes of God, namely, an expression of “Shem” fulfilling her call and destiny for the nations. A testing message for Gentile believers. A 2004 message.

K-314 The Least of These My Brethren (1 of 2)
In the light of a global rise in anti-Semitism, Art challenges the church to examine the depth of its identification with the Jew. A 2004 message.

K-315 The Least of These My Brethren (2 of 2)
Part 2 of k-314.

K-316 The Anatomy of a Prophetic Theme
On the heels of a conference sharing (K-312 through K-315), Art gives an insight into how prophetic themes are birthed that are in keeping with the stratagem of God for the hour and the purposes of God for the church in order that there might be on-time, present truth as it is in Christ Jesus. A 2004 message.

K-317 Touching the Jewish Pathos
Given the historic enmity that has existed between Jew and Gentile, Art urges the church to find a place of sympathetic and tender identification with Jewish tragedy and sorrow, with their judgments and exiles as well as their future suffering. A 2002 message.

K-318 The Prophetic Distinctive (1 of 2)
A comprehensive examination of the office of prophet in the church today. Art touches on the forming of a prophet, the role of a prophet, and answers very practical questions on present-day prophets, prophetic discerning and the validity of women prophets. A 2002 message.

K-319 The Prophetic Distinctive (2 of 2)
Message continues from K-318 with insight into the spoken word, prophetic obedience and true and false prophets. A 2002 message. NOTE: Message ends abruptly.

K-320 Psalm 51 and Repentance (1 of 2)
An episode in King David’s life that profits and instructs future generations in a way that no other psalm has more deeply revealed the nature of sin, the mercy of God, repentance and atonement. A 2002 message.

K-321 Psalm 51 and Repentance (2 of 2)
Part 2 of K-320. A 2002 message.

K-322 Reflections on the Tent of Shem
Art shares some further thoughts on this theme, and identifies the essential character of the Tent – namely, God Himself. A 2002 message.

K-323 The Necessity of the Cross
Unless we see what is required to save us from an eternal Hell, then we will not understand how far God will go to ransom a person or a nation (Israel). A 2004 message.

K-324 Jewish Unbelief
Art gives an insight into the Jewish mindset in its intransigent resistance toward the gospel, which can only be met in the power of the resurrected life, through the One who is Lord of that life. A 2004 message.

K-325 Israel the Suffering Servant
Using the text of Isaiah 53, Art makes a clear and powerful statement establishing the crucifixion of Jesus as being the heart of all reality, being the deepest revelation of God Himself, and then makes the application for the nation of Israel, also to be His servant-son. A 2004 message.

K-326 Psalm 102 The Set Time to Favor Zion
Art makes the point that the Lord’s coming as Deliverer for Israel waits upon a condition of being in the church, requiring a transfiguration in the church, thus releasing the Lord to act in behalf of Israel. A 2004 message.

K-327 The Destiny of Israel and the Nations (1 of 2)
Art gives an overview of Israel’s restoration and place of ultimate significance in the purposes of God both millennially and eternally. A 2006 message.

K-328 The Destiny of Israel and the Nations (2 of 2)
Part 2 of K-327.

K-329 Isaiah’s Call and Sending
From the text of Isaiah 6, Art points out that the character of true sending waits on a vision of the Crucified Lord, and that this alone will put an end to our self-initiated acts of ministry. A 2006 message.

K-330 Paul’s Apostleship
Examining the distinctive character of the apostle Paul, Art shows the corollary between Paul’s apostolic calling and Israel’s yet future apostolic calling to the nations as a nation. A 2006 message.

K-331 The Cosmic Conflict
An examination of the role of the powers of the air in the final unleashing of their hatred to destroy Israel at the end of the age. Art identities the role of the church at that time. A 2006 message.

K-332 Israel and the Time of Jacob’s Distress
Art speaks of a future global crisis for the Jewish people that will eclipse all previous calamities they have suffered, and that the witness of the predominantly Gentile church at that time will be the principal means by which a remnant of Israel’s redemption is effected in the purposes of God.

K-333 Apostolic Vision (1 of 4)
K-334 Apostolic Vision (2 of 4)
K-335 Apostolic Vision (3 of 4)
K-336 Apostolic Vision (4 of 4)
Spoken in 1993, a powerful arrow to the heart of the church’s lethargy toward God. The third message is on Apostolic Conversion, a transcription of which is on the website.

K-337 Message for Africa
Art maintains that it is righteousness that exalts a nation, and it is the gospel that elevates the life of a people – not just for individual salvation, but to reflect the God of order in a world of chaos. Message has French translation.

K-338 The Symphonic Overture
An overview of the Mystery of Israel and the Church in which Art shows that God is not finished with the Jew. Spoken to a Chinese audience.

K-339 Joseph – Man of the Spirit
Art examines the distinctives that made Joseph a man so dear in God’s sight. A 1977 message.

K-340 Paul – Man of the Spirit
From an episode in the life of the apostle Paul, Art shows what being led by the Spirit means in an obedient servant of God. A 1977 message.

K-341 The Veil of Self
Art maintains that we can be believers without knowing that the power of our self-life hides the face of God from us.

K-342 Wilderness Encounter
Speaking from Ezekiel 20, Art describes the character of believer that will meet with Israel in the wilderness of the nations.

K-344 Sorrow and Anguish
Drawing from Psalm 102, Art maintains that we are too dry-eyed for the lost and needy because we do not share the heart of God and the sorrow He has for those He created in His own image.

K-345 The Apostolic Heart
Speaking out of an episode in the life of Paul, Art gives a glimpse into the apostolic mindset, pattern and glory at the heart of which is the cross of suffering.

K-346 Elijah the Prophet
Drawing from the life and ministry of the prophet Elijah, Art gives a fresh insight into the prophetic office – especially needful in the light of the sudden popularity of this calling. A 2006 message.

K-347 The Meaning of Morality
An examination of the word “moral” in the light of contemporary society.

K-348 Virtue, Obedience and Devotion
Art shows how virtue (the nature and character of God) is formed in us through our obedience and devotion that we might grow up in Him.

K-349 Psalm 51 – The Sinfulness of Sin
A thought-provoking examination of the nature and power of sin in mankind. Art at his best.

K-350 Ezekiel 37 – The Death of Humanism
Having brought a remnant of Israel into the valley of despair, God turns to a prophetic entity – the true church of the last days – to speak the word of life that Israel may live.

K-351 Submission – A Going Down
From Luke 2, Art shows that submission and humility were the logic of the life of Christ, and is for us a key to our own attainment of maturity, wisdom and stature in God.

K-352 Rebuilding the House of God
From the book of Haggai, Art shows how deep God’s concern is for His own house by sending a prophet to proclaim judgment and shaking.

K-353 Sanctified unto a Bride
One of Art’s best expositions of Psalm102 in which he shows how the mysteries of the faith come together in a final fulfillment of the church’s bridal purity that allows the Lord to be Israel’s Deliverer. A 2005 milestone message!

K-354 The Mutuality of Suffering
Speaking from Isaiah 52 & 53, Art shows how Israel’s future suffering has a redemptive value both for herself and the nations.

K-355 The Significance of Passover
Art shows that the Passover has far-reaching implication for the Israel of today as well as being rich and instructive for the church.

K-356 The Servant of Servants
Drawing on the sons of Noah, Art delineates some of the characteristics of these three sons. A message of an emancipating kind, particularly for the black church. A call to servanthood – the essence of what God is in Himself.

K-357 Romans 11 – The Mystery of Israel
Another expression of this inexhaustible theme centering in the restoration of a remnant of God’s ancient people back to Himself.

K-358 Jesus – The Pattern Son
An insight into the obedience of Christ, the laying aside of His deity and His willingness as a Son to empty Himself thus giving us a pattern of what a believer is called to.

K-359 Spiritual Authority
Speaking from Mark 9, Art shows that true spiritual authority conveys the reality and the sense of God as He is, and goes on to show where that reality is found and maintained.

K-360 The Sinfulness of Sin
Speaking from Psalm 51, Art brings some deep insights into the nature of sin.

K-361 Woe is me!
Art shows that the cry of Isaiah needs also, in measure, to be our cry that we may be saved from our insipid and predictable Christianity.

K-362 Who shall go for Us?
Similar to K-361, Art outlines the conditions whereby God is released to utter His call that He may send a people into the earth for His Name.

K-363 Sell all your Possessions (1 of 2)
K-364 Sell all your Possessions (2 of 2)
Art puts before the Church the totality of God’s requirement of renunciation in order to enter the gifts and privileges of eternal life.

K-365 Critique of the Modern Prophetic Movement
An examination of the intrinsic elements of what the Lord condemns in false prophets (equally applicable for all ministers). Art maintains that fraudulence in those offices will foster a lack of holiness and other God-dishonoring activity in the Church.

K-366 An Overview of the Mystery of Israel
An expansive statement on the Mystery of Israel and the Church. Probably Art’s best one-statement message on the subject.

K-367 A Call to Apostolicity
Point by point, Art examines the distinctives of apostolic reality, so painfully absent from the Church’s consideration, but needs once again to be restored, namely, an apprehension of spiritual reality as God sees it and knows it.

K-368 Ascending the Holy Hill
Drawing on theologian Karl Barth’s exegesis of Psalm 24, Art examines the characteristics of the person God distinguishes as being the one who will ascend His holy hill.

K-369 Resurrection of the Dry Bones
Another examination of the classic text from Ezekiel 37 whereby the nation Israel is raised from its yet future “death” by a word spoken from another entity (the church) present with them at that time.

K-370 Righteousness exalts a Nation
Art shows that the church has a moral obligation to teach their nations what righteousness is, and how dear it is in God’s sight.

K-371 Sent from God
From Isaiah 6, Art shows that the prophetic word of judgment upon Israel still holds, and can only be alleviated by another prophetic word out of the mouths of those who have passed through Isaiah’s own seeing.

K-372 The Cross in Psalm 51
King David leaves for us a statement of the most profound repentance ever expressed in Scripture.

K-373 The Cross in Isaiah 53
The task of rightly interpreting this key text is crucial for the Church in its witness to Israel – especially in the Last Days.

K-374 The Cross in Gethsemane
Art probes the meaning of Gethsemane for the Church, noting that the first drops of blood were voluntarily given by Jesus at Gethsemane before they were extracted from Him by man at the Cross.

K-375 The Cross in Communion
Speaking from Mark 9, Art gives a prophetic setting for the Last Days whereby the believer is encouraged to a place of true and continuing devotion for God’s sake in order to be that final witness to Israel in their extremity.

K-376 True Apostolicity (1 of 4)
K-377 True Apostolicity (2 of 4)
K-378 True Apostolicity (3 of 4)
K-379 True Apostolicity (4 of 4)
A younger Art Katz speaking a series of four messages on the meaning and spirit of the hard-to-define word “apostolic”, but a reality that God seeks to obtain in His people. Some background buzz.

K-380 The Radical Kingdom (1 of 3)
K-381 The Radical Kingdom (2 of 3)
K-382 The Radical Kingdom (3 of 3)
A younger Art Katz examines the impact and implications of the invasion of Earth by Heaven as exemplified in the Son of God’s own coming, His speech, life, and conduct.

K-383 The Blood of the Lamb
Speaking from the Exodus account of the Passover lamb, Art draws on the eternal elements of God’s requirement of Israel at the beginning of their journey toward the Promised Land.

K-384 Covenant Consciousness
Art explains that covenant is an act whereby God establishes a relationship between Himself and His people in which He reveals His essential nature, His essential reality.

K-385 The Cross of Christ (1 of 3)
K-386 The Cross of Christ (2 of 3)
K-387 The Cross of Christ (3 of 3)
A younger Art Katz powerful sets forth of the Cross of Christ, pointing believers away from the superficial and insufficient answers of today and back to the one true source of life and truth: the revelation of the crucified God.

K-388 Fulfilling the Mystery of Israel (1 of 2)
K-389 Fulfilling the Mystery of Israel (2 of 2)
Drawing from Romans chapter 11, Art shows that the Jew has not been cast away, and that there is a divine purpose in the necessary but temporary setting aside of this people.

K-390 Christ our Life (1 of 2)
K-391 Christ our Life (2 of 2)
Rather than establishing our life on the basis of our own natural endowments, our gifting, our intellect, Art suggests that there is another Life that is made available for those who sincerely desire to disown their own.

K-392 Paul’s Union with God
Paul makes his own experience the pattern for all believers, and that union with the Law Giver is the answer to the question of how we are to be morally guided if we “set aside the Law”, so to speak. A classic message.

K-393 The Holiness of God (1 of 2)
K-394 The Holiness of God (2 of 2)
Maintaining that God’s holiness values itself above one’s own consideration and is therefore self-sacrificing, Art exhorts believers toward maintaining a jealousy for this holiness, as it will affect our every decision.

K-395 Identifying the True Prophet (1 of 2)
K-396 Identifying the True Prophet (2 of 2)
Art gives a comprehensive overview of what it takes to identify a true prophet.

K-397 The Apocalyptic End
Without an apocalyptic expectation of a coming Kingdom and the believer’s place in that Kingdom, we will be fixated in a much less glorious, subjective and personal salvation that is only interested in a “going to heaven.”

K-398 God as Father
Jesus revealed the Father who sent Him, thus giving us a foundational glimpse into the heart of the mystery of the Godhead.

K-399 Sonship with the Father (1 of 2)
K-400 Sonship with the Father (2 of 2)
Art urges believers toward a dynamic and active relationship with God without which our lives become stagnant and malnourished.

K-401 The Tree of Life
An anecdotal message on what it means to live from the tree of life. An early ministry message.

K-402 The Spirit of Life
Art encourages us to discern the difference between a well-wishing, conventional Christianity and a life lived for the glory of God.

K-403 Humility in Life
An insight into the foundational character of God Himself being wrought in those in union with Him.

K-404 Resurrection Life
Art maintains that resurrection is more than a doctrine, and ought to be a daily experience, moment by moment.

K-405 From Death to Life
Art insists that the life of God has its origin only out of death, but how many of us shrink from the death of the Cross in order to obtain that life?

K-406 Psalm 34 – The Suffering of Sonship
Art describes the characteristics of a true child of God as being one who waits for God’s salvation and deliverance without the need to know why God delays His answer.

K-407 The Obedience of Sonship
Art shows that an obedient son is one who lives for the honor of the Father, no matter what is required.

K-408 The Gospel to the Jew First
Speaking from Romans 1:16, Art maintains there is a divine wisdom and priority to take the gospel to the Jew first before it is taken to the Gentile.

K-409 The Gospel and the Righteousness of God
Art shows that salvation is essentially bringing to the unrighteous the righteousness of God, an extending of God’s very essence to the undeserving.

K-410 The Spirit of Truth II
An examination of the meaning of the word truth in the light of Scripture. Much of this speaking makes up the book by the same title.

K-411 Submission unto Death
Speaking from the episode of Lazarus’ resurrection, Art urges a willing submission to the processes of “death” by which all that inheres in our self-life may be purified.

K-412 Sin and Atonement
Another piercing examination of the anatomy of sin and of what God was required to do in order to expiate it.

K-413 The Crucifixion of Jesus (1 of 2)
K-414 The Crucifixion of Jesus (2 of 2)
An examination of the most epochal event in the history of mankind, yet the most misunderstood in both the church and the secular world.

K-415 Sin and Holiness (1 of 2)
K-416 Sin and Holiness (2 of 2)
In the final analysis, Art maintains that our every error has its source in our inadequate conception of sin, and that we have not become sufficiently acquainted with its workings or its power.

K-417 Psalm 78 (1 of 2)
K-418 Psalm 78 (2 of 2)
Art reviews Israel’s history of failure before her God, and urges the church toward a compassionate identification with the sin of that nation, knowing that we are just as capable of turning our own faces from God.

K-419 The Christian Mindset (1 of 5)
K-420 The Christian Mindset (2 of 5)
K-421 The Christian Mindset (3 of 5)
K-422 The Christian Mindset (4 of 5)
K-423 The Christian Mindset (5 of 5)
Spoken in 1984 from Acts 17, Art maintains that the church should not allow the world to go on with the understanding that the secular and the sacred are separate and legitimate distinctions, for to do so is to honor them in a lie that God never intended.

K-424 Hearing God’s Voice
An insight into how our hearing of God’s voice is impeded or nullified by our own disposition, our own thought, opinions, agenda and desires.

K-425 Despising a Holy God
An insight into how our hearing of God’s voice is impeded or nullified by our own disposition, our own thought, opinions, agenda and desires.

K-426 The Mystery of Incarnation (1 of 9)
K-427 The Mystery of Incarnation (2 of 9)
K-428 The Mystery of Incarnation (3 of 9)
K-429 The Mystery of Incarnation (4 of 9)
K-430 The Mystery of Incarnation (5 of 9)
K-431 The Mystery of Incarnation (6 of 9)
K-432 The Mystery of Incarnation (7 of 9)
K-433 The Mystery of Incarnation (8 of 9)
K-434 The Mystery of Incarnation (9 of 9)
An insightful examination of the apparent contradiction between God being both God and man, both deity and humanity, in the same person. What therefore are the implications for all of mankind? A classic series spoken in 2005.

K-435 Exploring True Faith (1 of 2)
K-436 Exploring True Faith (2 of 2)
Speaking from Mark 9, Art finally gives his most insightful understanding of the theme of faith, obedience and our apprehension of the character of God.

K-437 Israel’s Conversion
Speaking from Romans 11, Art touches on some of the key aspects of the mystery of Israel spoken of by Paul.

K-438 The Mystery of Zion
Art seeks to define the mystery word Zion, to bring the Church into an apprehension of what it represents, and in the last analysis, to become it―or there will be no deliverance for Israel, for if her deliverance will not come out of Zion, it will not come at all.

K-439 Valley of Dry Bones
Speaking from Ezekiel 37, Art shows the connection between the “son of man” and Israel’s deliverance coming out of Zion. Follow on from K-437 and K-438.

K-440 True Reconciliation (1 of 2)
K-441 True Reconciliation (2 of 2)
Rather than a humanly-contrived resolution to difficulties, Art shares from Exodus 25 as being God’s answer to agitation and tension, His purpose in it, and the mode by which He will be glorified through it.

K-442 Heart Purity
Speaking from Jesus’ meeting with Nathaniel, a man in whom there was no guile, Art insists that only the pure in heart shall see God as He truly is, and identifies the characteristics of that purity.

K-443 The Law of God (1 of 2)
K-444 The Law of God (2 of 2)
Speaking from Psalm 119, Art asks how we can reconcile David’s love for the Law and the commandments with all that we understand as constituting legalism. Could David’s celebration of the Law actually be the gateway for expansive freedom and a deeper knowledge of God?

K-445 Theological Deception
Art insists that the unwillingness to receive the mystery of Israel is a heart issue, a moral issue, an obedience issue, and that the willingness to do God’s will is the only basis for knowing whether a doctrine is true or not.

K-446 Prophetic Communication
Art maintains that it is to the office of prophet and apostle, the foundational offices, that God entrusts the communication of His purposes to His church.

K-447 Israel Overview
A short but excellent overview of the mystery of Israel that touches on the “fullness of the Gentiles” coming in – spoken of by Paul in Romans 11.

K-448 Israel’s Future Expulsion
Speaking from Amos 9, Art defines Israel’s last days’ sifting through all nations as a necessary wilderness experience to finally bring His ancient people back to Himself. Includes a helpful insight into the Rapture.

K-449 Baptized unto Death
Speaking from Romans 6, Art maintains that the cross alone liberates the believer from the subtleties of self – but only if we join Him in death and burial.

K-450 The Royal Priesthood
Art links becoming a sanctuary for God that we might serve Him as priest – that exalted state of being to which believers need to aspire to attain to.

K-451 The Melchizedek Priesthood (1 of 2)
K-452 The Melchizedek Priesthood (2 of 2)
Art surveys the high calling of every believer, the ultimate privilege of both receiving and giving the essence of God’s own being.

K-453 The Tabernacle of David (1 of 2)
K-454 The Tabernacle of David (2 of 2)
An exploration of what constitutes the tabernacle of David, and the essence of the Davidic heart, so necessary for its restoration.

K-455 In the Year King Uzziah Died
Speaking from Isaiah 6:1, Art maintains there is a conjunction between the death of Uzziah and Isaiah’s seeing of the Lord. And that there is corollary between this event and the fullness of the Gentiles coming in when the “death” of Israel is displayed before them.

K-456 Wilderness Testing
Art examines the purpose behind God’s bringing His people through a wilderness experience, both historically and in the future.

K-457 Eternal Hell (1 of 2)
K-458 Eternal Hell (2 of 2)
Spoken in 1975, Art gives a resounding call to believers to take seriously the preaching of the gospel as a saving of mankind out of an eternal hell and judgment. Superb sound quality and a classic early message.

K-459 The Pursuit of Wisdom
From the life of Daniel, Art examines where he obtained his wisdom, and why it could be recognized by a pagan civilization.

K-460 Israel’s Chastisement
Speaking from Amos 9:11-15, Art paints a scenario of a global sifting of world Jewry in a final last days’ drama through the nations.

K-461 Jewish Resistance to the Gospel (1 of 2)
K-462 Jewish Resistance to the Gospel (2 of 2)
Art gives an insight into Jewish resistance toward Jesus, the gospel and the faith. Includes comments on the Torah, the Talmud, and Judaism (both rabbinic and messianic). A 2004 message.

K-463 Death and Resurrection of Israel (1 of 2)
K-464 Death and Resurrection of Israel (2 of 2)
Speaking from Ezekiel 37, Art shows that the resurrection of Jesus has everything to do with a future fulfillment of a covenant promise made to the nation Israel, but only out of their own “death and resurrection.” A 1993 message.

K-465 Israel and God’s Judgments
Speaking from Isaiah, Art shows how God’s necessary and painful dealing with His nation, Israel, should affect every aspect of church life and conduct. A 1998 message.

K-466 Agenda for Biblical People
Art explores the implications of a heavenly society lived out in the cultures of today, a kingdom that a dying mankind needs to see demonstrated before them. Circa 1979 message.

K-467 God’s Purpose for Israel and the Church
Speaking from Ezekiel 37, Art makes the point that present-day Israel, in its apostate condition, serves and will yet serve the purposes of God for the church. A 1991 message.

K-468 A Wandering Jew Comes Home
An early expression of Art’s testimony. Timeless in its application for a yet future remnant of Israel in their final journey of travail before reaching home. Circa 1973 message.

K-469 Israel – A Prophetic Glimpse
A short prophetic understanding of God’s future dealing with Israel. A 2001 message.

K-470 Signs of the Times
A penetrating and timeless assessment of world events with an insight into what the true church is likely to be confronted with in the last days. A 1990 message.

K-471 The Anatomy of Resurrection
How we view the reality of resurrection, and its implied union with God, will determine whether our lives will be a glory to God. A 1992 message.

K-472 Walking in the Rest of God
An anecdotal account of Art’s ministry life, showing what it means to walk from the place of rest in God. A 1975 message.

K-473 Heaven, more Heaven
Sharing from the book of Hebrews, Art shows that the great saints of old had a hope and an expectation of a reality that was beyond this present life and culture. A 1992 message.

K-474 The Mercy Seat of God
Speaking from Exodus 25, Art shows that God has provided an answer for mankind’s true reconciliation with one another – waiting in the holiest place of all, in the place where God’s mercy is given. A 1986 message.

K-475 Last Days Tumult
Spoken to college students, Art paints a prophetic picture of last days’ struggle for believers rather than a convenient “rapture” out. A 1972 message.

K-476 The Powers of the Air (1 of 2)
K-477 The Powers of the Air (2 of 2)
Speaking from Ephesians chapter 3, Art gives an understanding of the Church’s role toward the unseen world of the principalities and powers. An early expression of this theme given in 1986.

K-478 Heart Circumcision
Art gets right to the issue of our self-life and God’s provision for the ending of its sap and vitality. A 1973 message.

K-479 Israel in Exile
In the light of God’s covenant faithfulness to Israel, Art seeks to find an answer her past expulsions from the Land in order to understand the necessity of a yet-future expulsion. A 1994 message.

K-480 Israel in the Purpose of God
Art shows that God’s choice of Israel was to be His witness nation, to reveal God’s essential being to the nations. A 1994 message.

K-481 The Union of the Church and Israel
Art shows that the glory of what the Church is cannot be disconnected from past believers (the invisible cloud of witnesses) nor from the future glory of the nation Israel. A 1994 message.

K-482 True Sending for True Ministry (1 of 2)
K-483 True Sending for True Ministry (2 of 2)
From the episode of Moses at the Burning Bush, Art maintains that God will only send for His purposes those who truly represent Him. A classic message for those contemplating ministry. A 1993 message.

K-484 Discipleship
Art defines discipleship as a continual dependency on God for all of life, as being the answer to the needs of a world that is spiraling downwards. A 1973 message.

K-485 Covenant Keeping (1 of 3)
K-486 Covenant Keeping (1 of 3)
K-487 Covenant Keeping (1 of 3)
Art brings an understanding of what it means to keep covenant, Sabbath keeping, and the consequences of our rejection of God and His covenant – especially for Israel. A 1994 message.

K-488 The Eternal Perspective (1 of 2)
K-489 The Eternal Perspective (2 of 2)
Speaking from the book of Hebrews, Art emphasizes that believers are characterized by a future hope that has implications for their lifestyles in the present. A 1994 message.

K-490 False Prophets of the Last Days
Another classic instructive message on the danger of false prophets in the last days, and how they can be recognize and discerned. A 1994 message.

K-491 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
The first disposition of man is to look for explanations to tragedy in the natural. Since mankind is at enmity with God, he will therefore not seek explanation from God. A 1995 message.

K-492 The Holocaust and the Knowledge of God
Art seeks to answer why mankind has a deep aversion to knowing God, and why mankind has a preference to seek a substitute for God, even a religious substitute, whom he likes to call “God”. A 1995 message.

K-493 The Holocaust in Jewish Consciousness
With sin-consciousness virtually absent from mankind’s consideration, Art shows that God’s judgment of sin is performed to reveal to us what sin is. A 1995 message.

K-494 The Crucifixion of God (1 of 2)
K-495 The Crucifixion of God (2 of 2)
Another all-time classic on the Cross. Art insists that it is the Cross, more than anything else, that reveals God in the way He wants to be known. The humiliation of the Cross therefore contradicts so much of the macho contemporary Christianity. A 1995 message.

K-496 The Wisdom of the Cross
Art points out that God chooses what He chooses in order to make a statement about Himself, and that He reveals Himself by His choices. Not surprisingly, those choices contradict all that mankind applauds and celebrates as wisdom. A 1995 message.

K-497 Resurrection Life (1 of 2)
K-498 Resurrection Life (2 of 2)
Art covers some key points in understanding the resurrection life of a believer – especially the basis for which that Life is given: namely, when the Lord has total possession of that vessel. A 1995 message.

K-499 A Jewish Response to the Holocaust (1 of 2)
K-500 A Jewish Response to the Holocaust (2 of 2)
Reading from a scholarly article on the Holocaust by a Jewish thinker, Art gives an insight into the meaning of the Holocaust for contemporary Jewish life. Instructive for the church. A 1995 message.

K-501 The Holocaust as God’s Judgment (1 of 2)
K-502 The Holocaust as God’s Judgment (2 of 2)
Art asserts that if we fail to examine the root cause of the Holocaust from a biblical point of view, we assure ourselves of being victims of yet future Holocausts. A different speaking to the K-301 to K-303 series by the same title. A 1995 message.

K-503 The Culpability of Sin (1 of 2)
K-504 The Culpability of Sin (2 of 2)
With an initial introduction into the knowledge of God, Art moves onto theme of national culpability of sin, and why God judges subsequent generations for the sins of their fathers. A 1995 message.

K-505 Israel as the Missing Key
Speaking from Romans 11, Art shows that our continuing ignorance of the mystery of Israel may well be the revelation of the truth of our lack of union with God. A 1995 message.

K-506 The Word of Faith
Speaking from Romans 10, Art magnifies the spoken word as having the potential and power to create faith unto salvation – but it is a word of particular kind. A 1995 message.

K-507 The Christian in Society (1 of 2)
K-507B The Christian in Society (2 of 2)
The message of the Kingdom needs to be brought to a reluctant world that does not want to hear the mind and thinking of God. Message ends abruptly. A 1995 message.

K-508 The Children of Promise (1 of 2)
K-509 The Children of Promise (2 of 2)
Speaking from the early verses of Romans 9, Art gives an insight into God’s choice of Israel and His promises towards her. A 1995 message.

K-510 Priestly Ministry
Speaking from Leviticus, Art compares the rigorous training of the Aaronic priests to the shallow, religious functionaries of our day. A 1976 message.

K-511 Sifted and Restored
From the text of Amos chapter 9, Art gives a scenario of a future, last days’ sifting of the Jewish people in the purposes of God. A 1994 message.

K-512 Places of Refuge
With Israel’s final sifting on the horizon, Art encourages believers to consider the establishing of places of refuge as being a provision for the Jewish people in this time. An anecdotal 1994 message.

K-513 Theology of Exile (1 of 2)
K-514 Theology of Exile (2 of 2)
An examination of the biblical grounds for Israel’s previous exiles and dispersions into the nations in the purposes of God. Art insists that the same conditions are existing for a yet future exile. A 1994 message.

K-515 A Prophetic Scenario (1 of 2)
K-516 A Prophetic Scenario (2 of 2)
Speaking from an article he wrote, Art gives an overview of what the church can anticipate as a Last Days’ scenario that has, at its heart, the glory of God forever. A 1993 message.

TV Series: 1973
The audio messages from the Ben Israel TV show, Raleigh, NC in 1973. Co-hosts Art Katz and Paul Gordon. Each message 25 minutes long.
K-517 TV Show Part 1 Testimony
K-518 TV Show Part 2 Testimony
K-519 TV Show Part 3 Abraham
K-520 TV Show Part 4 Prophecy
K-521 TV Show Part 5 Prophecy
K-522 TV Show Part 6 Jacob
K-523 TV Show Part 7 God Revealed
K-524 TV Show Part 8 Letters
K-525 TV Show Part 9 The Name of Jesus
K-526 TV Show Part 10 A Jew Inwardly
K-527 TV Show Part 11 Blood Atonement
K-528 TV Show Part 12 Joseph & Revelation

K-529 Circumcision as Separation
Art speaks to the condition necessary for anyone to love God with all their heart: namely, no confidence in the flesh. Interwoven with Art’s testimony. A 1971 message.

K-530 Jacob Wrestling
Another expression of the theme of Jacob wrestling with God in order to come to the knowledge of Him. A 1971 message.

K-531 Endtime Adversities
Two back-to-back messages (25 minutes each) given by Art on the theme of endtime crises and extremities. A 1973 message.

K-532 Israel and the Apocalypse (1 of 3)
K-533 Israel and the Apocalypse (2 of 3)
K-534 Israel and the Apocalypse (3 of 3)
An exhaustive overview and scriptural foundation for the future dealings of God with Israel. A 1993 message.

K-535 The Consummation of Israel and the Church
Speaking from Ezekiel 37, Art shares some of his deepest thoughts on the mystery of Israel. A 1993 message.

K-536 Defining the Prophetic Call (1 of 2)
K-537 Defining the Prophetic Call (2 of 2)
An extensive examination of the prophetic calling and office both in its preparation and in the recognition of the same. A 1993 message.

K-538 The Spirit of Elijah (1 of 2)
K-539 The Spirit of Elijah (2 of 2)
From the text of 1 Kings 17, Art shares from the life of Elijah the prophet some of the key characteristics in the formation of the man and his office. A 1993 message.

K-540 One Church, One Body (1 of 2)
K-541 One Church, One Body (2 of 2)
A theological reflection on the cloud of witnesses that make up the Church, past, present, and future – including the place of Israel in that eternal reality. A 1993 message.

K-542 Defining Apostolic Sending (1 of 2)
K-543 Defining Apostolic Sending (2 of 2)
From the encounter of Moses at the Burning Bush, Art seeks to examine the roots of authentic character before one can become a sent disciple. A 1993 message.

K-544 The Ministry of Elijah (1 of 5)
K-545 The Ministry of Elijah (2 of 5)
K-546 The Ministry of Elijah (3 of 5)
K-547 The Ministry of Elijah (4 of 5)
K-548 The Ministry of Elijah (5 of 5)
Another unique expression of the Elijah ministry: authority, character formation, sonship, obedience, message. A 1994 message.

K-549 The Prophetic Function
Art insists that the function of a true prophet is primarily to show God forth as He in fact is. A 1994 message.

K-550 The Mercy of Conversion
Insights into the nature of conversion both for individual and for the nation, Israel. Art examines the mercy of God in this process. Some thoughts on the prophetic ministry towards the end. A 1994 message.

K-551 The Gospel and Interfaith Dialogue
Challenging the accepted and popular assumptions that there are three great “faiths”, Art insists on the absoluteness of the gospel of Christ as the basis for true faith in the one true God. A 2003 message.

K-552 Judgment & Mercy
An examination of the historical judgments of God as being key to understanding the mercy of God. A 2003 message.

K-553 Knowing Mercy
Art gives an insight into the basis for receiving the mercies of God as part and parcel of our daily walk in God. And because of those mercies, there are implications for a natural outworking of the burdens of the Lord, and most particularly to the Jewish people. A 2003 message.

K-554 Speaking the Truth (1 of 2)
K-555 Speaking the Truth (2 of 2)
From Ephesians 4, a message on speaking the truth in love as being the principal key to fullness and maturity in the Church. Art maintains that we are called to safeguard the sanctity of speech for the purposes of God. A 2003 message.

K-556 Eternal Separation
In the light of the character of God, Art sets forth the tragedy of an irremediable and eternal torment awaiting those who do not seek God so as to find Him. A 2006 message.

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